I always feel bad when I don’t check this blog for a while, and I come back and find messages that I haven’t responded to. I love it when people ask me about things or ask for birding tips and stuff and I feel bad that I didn’t get back to them :c

sierraisafk replied to your post “Sorry I haven’t been updating recently! This happens a lot, I know….”

WOWOWOW! I’m in DE and keep seeing all the birders reporting SNOWs as close Smyrna and I’m gonna go look for them on Friday. Excitement!

Yeah!! They’re not coming as far south as they did a few years ago, but there have been a number reported sightings on the Delaware coast, also some as far south as the outer banks! Good luck!!!!

Sorry I haven’t been updating recently! This happens a lot, I know. College is weird. I make a lot of art. I should have time to blog and yet I don’t. SO HELLO to any new followers who may have followed in my absence! Hopefully I can get this blog running semi-consistently soon, haha.

I just wanted to give a little update that I took a drive down to Sandy Hook this weekend! Sandy Hook is a national park on the northern shore of New Jersey that’s a real birding hotspot! I still have to check it out during spring migration, BUT there’s been a bunch of reports of snowy owls there in the past month! Two individuals are there for sure, possibly three or four. So I drove down there Saturday with my boyfriend in hopes of finding one of these guys AND WE DID OH MY GOD I’VE NEVER SEEN A SNOWY IN THE WILD BEFORE IT WAS BEAUTIFUL ASHJHFJKDHSJKD I’ll post the picture later today WHAT A DAY WOW