On my two-minute drive home from school, I pass by this open field which apparently is a goldmine for raptors! Before I started keeping my eye on this field, I had never seen anything other than red-tails and cooper’s hawks, but like I mention last week or so, I finally found a kestrel. This little male kestrel makes a regular appearance every few days, and I love it when I have time to grab my camera and drive back for a few shots.

Yesterday, I saw all of these at this field, at the same time! There were only two hawks, though; the one on the telephone pole later joined the other on the tree branch. By the time I drove home and back with my camera, the kestrel had disappeared, so I spent my time getting these much-less-than-quality pictures of the hawks. Just before I decided to pack up, the kestrel shows up again! Right on the same branch I photographed him on last time. He hung around for a bit, and I got the pictures I wanted, then he flew to another branch and I let him be.

Bawww I love that kestrel (: