Wild Turkey by gimlack on Flickr.
Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) by ER Post on Flickr.
Red-winged Blackbird by Kelly Colgan Azar on Flickr.
American Goldfinch, m by Kelly Colgan Azar on Flickr.
Northern Rough-Winged Swallow by Peter Caulfield
Grey Peacock Pheasant by P. Stubbs photo on Flickr.
So it appears my feather collection is far more expansive than I thought…
Himalayan Monal by stephendoyle1981 on Flickr.
Pheasant-1 by predator cats on Flickr.
**Sunbittern** by **klaracolor** on Flickr.
To all the birds I’ve loved before! by sylvia1sam on Flickr.After seeing this photo, I have the sudden urge to one day own 94623756782367 lovebirds…
RFFB3124 by ndlaw on Flickr.
Peregrine Falcon by FurLined on Flickr.
they are lovely by Dianne M. on Flickr.