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asdfghjklasdfghjk I had such a good day

..at the parrot rescue on Saturday. Sorry I couldn’t get on the computer for the past day or so to tell you guys about it sooner, but better late than never I suppose. Ahhhh I just hope you guys are as excited about hearing about my day as I am about telling you about it.

So, first of all, I was a bit worried about what this lady’s place might look like. I mean, it’s no easy task running a place with 100+ birds, so I thought a messy, smelly place was to be expected. I was actually pleasantly surprised; I’ve been it pet shops that looked and smelled worse than this place. Like I said, for having more than 100 birds in one place, I give this lady a lot of credit. I understand that it’s not going to be spotless, but the birds were definitely well-kept, so that was a relief. Clean perches and bottom trays changed regularly, and of course appropriately sized cages for all of the birds.

As soon as I got there, the owner and two of her volunteers were already outside with a greenwing macaw and an umbrella cockatoo, They were two of the most friendly birds there, but I’ll go into more detail about the two of them later. So as for a first impression, it was awesome to know that not all of the birds are kept in the cages all day.

After giving me a tour of the whole place, introducing nearly every bird, (and letting my hold and pet one of the huuuuuge hyacinth macaws oh my god my life is complete), we got to work. I spent most of my day (10:30 AM to 4:00 PM) cleaning cages and changing food and water, but of course I had time to interact with some of the birds in between jobs. It didn’t take long at all to become familiar with some of the birds’ personalities. This one bites, this one will follow you from one end of the cage to another, this one wants its head scratched, etc. I did most of my work in the back room with the smaller birds (Conures, mini macaws, lories, cockatiels, and budgies), but after my work was finished, I went to go visit the larger macaws and cockatoos.

PICTURE TIMEEEEEEE. I managed to sneak a few pictures on my phone while I was working, because some of these guys were just too precious. 4 photos, pretty unfortunate quality, but I have to share them.

This is Fiesta, the rainbow lory, and he was my bud while I was cleaning most of the cages. His cage was in the middle of the room, so I always ended up turning around to play with him a bit. The top of his cage also acted as my table for my supplies like newspaper and dust pan and such, so I always had to come back to him anyway, haha. He was incredibly friendly, and ran all the way up my arm as soon as I reached into his cage to change his water bowl, hahaha

This is (a pretty bad picture of) Poe, the black lory. It was pretty cool to see a black lory, since I never have before, and he looked like a crow at first glance, as he was appropriately named. He was a huge goofball, as you can tell by my terrible photography here, he wouldn’t stay still! Wasn’t very friendly, but super fun to watch. He would follow me all around his cage, so I had no problem getting him close to my camera. Most of the time he was on his back on the bottom of the cage, using his feet to play with bits of ripped newspaper, and that was when I just lost control of my love for him, hahaha.

This is Elmo, the greenwing I mentioned earlier. He was a real cutie, despite his missing feathers on his body, although you can tell that some of them are starting to grow back. It was awesome to meet such a friendly macaw, and not have to worry about losing a finger. I could just walk up to his cage and scratch his head like it was nothing. I didn’t get to hold him, but just petting him was satisfying enough.

And finally, this is me with Apo, one of the umbrella cockatoos. Ignore me and my sloppy clothes and everything basically. He was my absolute faaaaaavorite of all of the birds there. He would say “I love youuuu” all the time, and loved to cuddle, and that was amazing because I’ve never cuddled a bird before, let alone even held a bird larger than a cockatiel! This bird really made me rethink my apprehensions towards eventually owning a cockatoo, but not entirely. He was so sweet though, and I can’t wait to go back and see him again.

Overall, after all of the work I did cleaning cages and stuff, I had a lot of fun. The work is like nothing when you’re around animals that you love so much. Even the noise from all of the macaws and cockatoos and conures and lories doesn’t bother you if you like what you’re doing. I wish I could help this place out more often, but unfortunately that’s not possible, because of school and life and whatnot. But I plan to come back to help every other weekend or so (: