North-east Brazil: Lear’s Macaws by spiderhunters on Flickr.
parrots 090 by MsFoo on Flickr.
Parrot on hand front by Derrick Coetzee on Flickr.
Itchy foot by *hi2u2day
parrots 014 by MsFoo on Flickr.
Flirty by ~lordbrocktree
Blue-and-yellow Macaw by *Topasdragon
Greenwing Macaw by *7immyG
Versace Is For The Birds…. by shashchatter on Flickr.
Blue & Gold x Patagonian - Chaz by MFids on Flickr.I know hybrids are highly controversial in the avian world, but some of them are just plain beautiful.
Catalina Macaw Mosaic Final by *Dreamspirit
Ara rubrogenys by adamurantowka on Flickr.I want one of these guys so bad.
Red-fronted Macaw - Paraba Frente Roja by Paul B Jones on Flickr
oh my gosh what is this glorious hybrid?