Banho comunitário by MarcosATB

Tuki, the new Moluccan Cockatoo at the rescue, very softly singing an unrecognizable tune. No idea what he’s singing, but it’s too adorable not to share.

Also, thanks to smoresmordre for telling me to download RealPlayer so I could share this video from Facebook (:

Flirty by ~lordbrocktree
by JGiatrop
by The Long Experience
IMG_0767 by BékiPe on Flickr.
St Vincent Parrot_BZ 32 by Barry Zee on Flickr.
Catalina Macaw Mosaic Final by *Dreamspirit
Brehm’s Tiger-parrot by Calidris! on Flickr.asdfgdjashjkdgasjk can I have one please?
Double-eyed Fig Parrot by Calidris! on Flickr.
Ara rubrogenys by adamurantowka on Flickr.I want one of these guys so bad.
Red-fronted Macaw - Paraba Frente Roja by Paul B Jones on Flickr
St Vincent Parrot_BZ 30 by Barry Zee on Flickr.
by Sophielouise3 on Flickr
parrot by MAC_JEFF on Flickr.